procedure are it requires specialist knowledge and experience to get the desired result.

Possession proceedings can rise for various reasons including but limited to rent arrears

and anti-social behaviour or breach of tenancy. Possession claims can also be issued

on non-fault eviction.

Why seek our help?

Our specialist housing team at RG Solicitors has great experience in defending possession proceedings

for a variety of clients who come from different backgrounds including local authorities,

housing associations and private landlords.

Private landlords are also able in some circumstances to seek possession of a property

on a “no-fault” basis, but this depends on following a proper process; our team is

experienced in recognising failures by landlords in these situations which can give rise to

a defence.


If you wish to regain possession of your property by issuing an application according to

law or if you are defending a possession proceeding, get in touch with us today and

speak with our specialist team member. Your case will be looked after by the same team

so you can get an update at every stage of the process.

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