Tier 2 Work Permit

Tier 2 Work Permit

Tier 2 Work Permit benefits any individuals who are looking to apply for long-term employment. Generally, for those wanting to transfer from company based in overseas to a company in the UK – Intra-company transfer, sportspeople involved at a high level in their sport – sports person, and the religious workers – Minister of Religion.

Certificate of Sponsorship

For the Tier 2 Work Permits, you must obtain a Certificate of Sponsorship.

A certificate of sponsorship is an electronic record that includes all your details and information about the job you are offered. Your sponsor should provide you a Certificate of the Sponsorship reference number to add to your application, and the reference number should be used only once. You must use it within 3 months after receiving it.

For a business to succeed in the competitive market, it is vital to have highly skilled workers from around the world. Our corporate immigration solicitors are happy to assist various businesses to meet the requirement for Sponsorship Licences and help the employers hire Tier 2 – highly skilled migrant workers.

We can help you with all types of Sponsorship Licence matters such as:

  • Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence Application Tier 2 Sponsorship
  • Licence Audits and Compliance
  • Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence Renewals
  • Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence Revocation

 You should be employed by a licensed sponsor to apply to work and live in the UK. The Sponsorship Licence is issued for 4 years by the Home Office. The employer must renew the Licence if the company intends to continue to employ the Tier 2 General migrants.

Requirements for Tier 2 General Work Permit

The immigration rules are always changing. We request to contact us for the latest information and guidance regarding the restricted work residence permit.

  • Certificate of sponsorship for your job
  • Prove that you are being paid an appropriate salary for your job
  • Should submit the documents showing financial status to support yourself upon arriving in the UK
  • Should submit the proof of current validity to travel and also any previous travel history that dates back to over last 5 years
  • Provide a tuberculosis test, as applicable
  • Provide the knowledge of English language
  • Provide a criminal record certificate
  • Provide proof of current validity to travel and previous travel history dating back over the last 5 years

How Do Employers Apply?

The application for a Sponsorship Licence through the Sponsorship Management System (SMS) must be submitted online. The Home Office requires businesses to appoint their existing staff to the sponsorship management roles such as Authorising officer, key contact, and Level 1 user who would be responsible for the day to day management of the license information.

Employers should also demonstrate that the business is a genuine organisation that is trading lawfully in the UK. Employers should ensure that the HR department is competent, organised and familiar with the business responsibilities as the sponsor of Tier 2 skilled migrant workers.

Under Restricted work residence permit or as a Tier 2 General visa holder, you are permitted to bring the dependents with you, obtain voluntary work, travel abroad and return to the UK during their stay. They can also undertake study without interfering with the job they are sponsored to do in the UK.

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