Student Visa Application

Student Visa Application

Our expert student visa solicitors can help you in advising and applying for the student visa. The visa application process can be complex and even a minute error in the application form or documentation could lead to delay or rejection.

Requirements for Student Visa Applications

When you apply for your student visa, you need to ensure the below requirements:

  • A current passport or other valid travel identification
  • Supporting documentation for the status to cover yourself during your trip
  • Details of where you intend to stay as well as any travel plans.
  • Proof of parental or other legal guardian consent if you’re under 18
  • Proof of your relationship with your parent or guardian if you’re under 18
  • Contact details for at least one parent or guardian in your home country, if under 18 years old
  • your Tuberculosis test result if you’re from a country where it is mandated to take the test
  • Before accepted for the student visa, you must be accepted onto a course in the UK. You must also pass the English test

 Before being accepted on a student visa, you must be accepted onto a course in the UK and have the ability to pass an English test. We can help you successfully navigate the system to get you where you want to be.

 The lawyers at RG solicitors in London are experts and experienced in assisting with all immigration matters and are understanding, friendly, and happy to support you through every stage of the student visa application process. We will ensure to make you feel stress-free throughout the process of the submission of application for a student visa.

Switch to or Extension a Student Visa

With our extensive experience in the immigration team, our solicitors are experts in providing you with the guidelines regarding the extension of Student visa and also on switching to a general student visa under the points-based Tier 4 visa, in case you require extra time in the UK. Our specialist team will guide you through the requirements for the extension, and help you with the assistance on how to achieve the outcome you desire.

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