Visit Visa Application

Visit Visa Application

You may apply for the Standard Visitor Visa to visit the UK for a short period. 

What is a UK Standard Visitor Visa?

  • The Standard Visitor visa has replaced the:

    • Family Visitor visa
    • General Visitor visa
    • Child Visitor visa
    • Sports Visitor visa
    • Entertainer Visitor visa
    • Prospective Entrepreneur visa 
    • Private Medical Treatment Visitor visa
    • Approved Destination Status (ADS) visa
    • Business Visitor visa, including visas for academics, doctors and dentists

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Visitor Visa

To travel to the UK on a visitor visa, you must submit the documentation related to your intention to leave at the end of your visit to the UK. You should be able to prove that you will not try to remain in the country after your UK Standard Visitor Visa expires.

 To establish your intention, they may look at your past immigration history for confirmation of your frequency of travel to the UK, return tickets, and the creditability of the reason for visiting the UK. They will also consider your background and the plan to stay for not more than six months.

 You must also be able to support and accommodate yourself financially during the entire traveling without relying on any public funds in the UK.

Also, in the event of business reasons, you must ensure that you will be conducting only the permitted business activities in the UK.

Who Can Apply for the UK Standard Visitor Visa?

You can apply for a UK Standard Visitor Visa for purposes such as

  • Visiting the UK for business purposes – meeting, conference or training
  • Taking part in the sports-related event
  • Taking part in a performance event in the UK
  • For a short academic training or research, or accompanying students on a study abroad programme
  • For leisure, for example, a holiday or to visit your family and friends under a tourist visa
  • For the reason – such as to receive private medical treatment, a doctor or dentist visiting the UK for clinical attachment or observer post
  • Documents needed to be submitted for Standard Visitors Visa

 You must ensure to submit the valid and relevant documentation to avoid the refusal of a UK visitor visa. Our immigration lawyers can assist you in collating and submitting all the required documents that ensure that you get approved for the visit visa faster. The essential documents required are

  • A valid passport or travel document
  • Bank statements which show your financial status to support yourself during the travel
  • Proof of your purpose of the visit to the UK
  • Evidence that you will leave the UK when the tourist visa expires

How Can We Help

With the complexity of the immigration law, it is vital to ensure that you know the entire process to get the visit visa approved. At RG Solicitors, with our years of experience in the immigration field, can assist and discuss your situation. We can help you with the proper procedure for the submission of the visitor visa application for you to visit your loved ones in the UK.

 We will help you with optimizing your chances of success where you were previously refused a visit visa to the UK.

  • Preparing for submission of a visitor visa application
  • Helping you collating the valid supporting documentation
  • Challenging refusals with the proper judicial review

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